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  • Welcome to the Blanchardstown and Castleknock History Society

    Over the years since our first public meeting on 18th April 2009 we have had several names from the original Blanchardstown Heritage Society-Cumann Oidhreacht Bhaile Bhlainseir to Fingal south, Fingal South West, and finally to Blanchardstown and Castleknock History Society. We encourage members to share knowledge on topics of history, culture and heritage. We organise regular outings to places of interest.


    Blanchardstown and Castleknock History Society was established for people living in the Dublin 15 area to attend talks and outings on historic subjects. The AGM takes place on the last Saturday of January and new committee is elected. On the 10th Anniversary of the Society, in 2019, it was decided to issue an annual journal to mark the occasion with submission of articles by local people or historians. We have continued to issue the annual journal since and it is very popular with those at home and abroad with connections to the area.

    2023 Committee

    Chairperson: Frank O’Connor
    Vice-chair: Jim Lacey
    Secretary: Linda Casey
    Treasurer: Margaret Hughes
    Journal Editor: Colman Duggan

    Our Logo

    We're excited about our new logo which we commissioned in 2019 for our first Journal in 2020

  • Blanchardstown Castleknock History Society - logo

    Blanchardstown-Castleknock and its surrounding areas were once the site of a massive oak forest.


    The forest was a natural regenerating forest, an indigenous Irish forest. The trees included oak, ash, alder, wych-elm and the smaller species like blackthorn, hawthorn, hazel and holly. Yew trees and Scots pine were to be found on higher ground in the forest. This forest was known as The Great Scaldwood. If you want to get an idea of what this forest looked like, visit the forest in the Glen of the Downs near Delgany, Co. Wicklow.


    We decided that we should choose an acorn and oak leaves to symbolize the memory of that vast forest. Acorns symbolize fortune, prosperity, power and heritage while the tree itself represents, in Celtic folklore wisdom, strength, morale, knowledge and honour not only by the Celts but also the ancient Romans.

    Blanchardstown Castleknock History Society - about our new logo


    The horseshoe reminds us of the thriving bloodstock industry in the locality that produced some of the greatest horses in racing history. Horses were also bred for more menial tasks such as ploughing and drawing carts; indeed, hundreds of horses were bred to pull the massive artillery guns that were used during the Boer wars and the Great War. These horses were known as troopers and were bred locally.


    The horseshoe, as we all know, is a symbol of fortune and luck and the horseshoe in our logo is that used by racehorses. I did a rough sketch of the logo forgetting to mention it was by and large a racehorse industry in the area. Barbara Franzoni, who was preparing the artwork for our logo, with knowledge afore-thought returned the beautifully designed artwork with a racehorse's horseshoe - that was indeed fortunate if not lucky. -- Jim Lacey

  • Blanchardstown Castleknock History Society

    Blanchardstown & Castleknock History Society

    Join others to find out about the local heritage, history and culture of Dublin 15 - Blanchardstown and Castleknock.